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Recent News and Events

Terrible Noises For Beautiful People in California: Fall 2010

In the summer and fall of 2010, with the support of the Oliver Ranch Foundation, and the Ontario Arts Council, the Misha Glouberman School of Learning will bring the Terrible Noises for Beautiful People series to California, with performances and events at Southern Exposure in San Francisco and Mills College, culminating in a series of events at Ann Hamilton's Sound Tower at the Oliver Ranch in Sonoma County, presented in conjunction with a number of groups including the Long Now Foundation and the Arts Council of Sonoma County.

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The Chairs Are Where The People Go: Upcoming book with Sheila Heti

Misha Glouberman and Sheila Heti are collaborating on a book with the working title The Chairs Are where The People Go, a collection of all of Misha Glouberman's knowledge in a single book. It is scheduled to be published in 2011 in Britain and the US by Faber and Faber.

Interview in Eye Weekly

Read a recent interview in Eye Weekly (Toronto) about the Terrible Noises for Beautiful People series.

Article in Musicworks Magazine

Read a recent article in Musicworks magazine about the Terrible Noises for Beautiful People series. (pdf)

Writeups of Library Event

A recent evnet at the Parkdale Public Library in Toronto received really nice writeups in Torontoist and Back To The World.

Terrible Noises for Beautiful People: Nuit Blanche Edition - Photos, Video and More

This was an all-night participatory vocal improvisation event, part of the Nuit Blanche festival. Around a thousand festival-goers came and made noises. Click here for information, photos, links, and video.

Essay by Carl Wilson

Carl Wilson, writer for the Toronto Globe and Mail and Zoilus.com, as well as author of the critically acclaimed book Let's Talk about Love, has written an essay about the Terrible Noises Series. Read Carl's Essay.

Terrible Noises for Beautiful People: Misha Glouberman's Birthday Party - Photos, Video, More

This was a full evening participatory improv-noises event with cake. Here's a great video about the event by Buffy Childerhose. Here's the invitation that went out for the event.

Open Cobra

Part of the Room 101 Games Series, this event presented John Zorn's complicated improvised-game composition Cobra as a participatory game for an audience of nonmusicians. Here's an article about Open Cobra.


Misha Glouberman was invited to be a presenter at FutureRuby, an international conference for software developers who use the Ruby programming language. The presentation consisted of guiding all the participants of the conference through a series of structured sound improvisations. Read about it here or watch this video.

Ongoing Classes

The Misha Glouberman School of Learning continues to teach classes in sound improvisation, improvised behaviour, how to play charades, and other essential skills. Join our email list to be informed of future classes.

School Of Cobra Video

Rose Bianchini produced a great short video about a recent class based around John Zorn's Cobra. Click the image below to see it:

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