Terrible Noises for Beautiful People:
Misha Glouberman's Birthday Party

Frequently-Asked Questions


What will happen if I go to this?

You will come to the Latvian House. There will be a lot of other people there. Misha Glouberman will give you instructions. You’ll make sounds (using your voice), you’ll run around. There will be some very loud parts and some very quiet parts. There will be some parts that are a tiny bit like theater, and parts that are even less like dance. Mostly, though, noises. It will start promptly at 8:00 (don't be late. Seriously.) and end at around 11:00.

I’ve never done anything like this. Is that okay?

Yes that is okay. You do not have to know anything about music, or be able to sing, or anything like that. All that you really need is willingness and curiosity.

I feel overwhelming social obligation to go to this, but really, I am quite sure I think I will hate it. What can I do?

This is a ‘birthday party” in that it’s what I really want to do on this date. But if you’re a friend of mine, and this sounds like your idea of hell, please please do not feel pressured to attend by the fact that it’s my birthday. You can stay home. Really. If you still feel bad, consider enslistig the help of the Social Debt Couriers service.

Is it really your birthday? How old will you be? Will there be cake? What kind?

It is the eve of my birthday. 40. Yes. Slab.

I see the event will be recorded. Is that true? What's up with that?

Rose Bianchini will be videotaping the event for a documentary she's making about some of my work. Also, there will be some self-generated video footage of the event. Buffy Childerhose is overseeing a project where she's bringing a camera, shooting some footage, and also letting other participants take the camera and shoot footage on their own. This footage will be edited into a short doc about the event. There may also be some audio recording and photography.





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