Sept 29, 2007, Toronto:
Terrible Noises for Beautiful People: Nuit Blanche Edition


Here are some written comments left bypeople who participated in Terrible Noises for Beautiful People: Nuit Blanche Edition

“That was an amazing experience! Thank you for opening my eyes and ears! Loved it!”

“Love love loved it!! This makes being a human feel really good.”

“Loved it. Did not imagine 70 people could make such beautiful sounds”

“Best thing I’ve seen all night – don’t bring art to the people, make the people into art – you got it! Thank you!

“Terribly awesome. Awesomely terrible. How?”

“An exhilarating experience”

“Best thing I’ve seen so far- amazing - Whoop whoop!”

“It’s after 3:00 am and it was my favorite stop of Nuit Blanche”

“A little urban miracle- strangers off the street transformed instantaneously into a choral unit of shifting sounds!”

“Highlight of the festival. Remarkable.”

"We loved Misha Glouberman's vocal choir - Ugly! Beautiful!" - View On Canadian Art

One participant, Johan Hultqvist, emailed to say:

"Terrible noises" made my night; I was incredibly inspired on Sunday. It was such a pleasure to experience the self-organization of the collective and the participants' equal opportunity to be soloists and accompanists. I was struck by how the notions of "beautiful" and "ugly" became blurry and virtually interchangeable. I observed my own ego at work as i became self-conscious of wanting to make the first sound or direct the group in a new direction.

As a musician, i shoudn't have been so surprised by the sense of bonding that followed the "jam", but i felt that we entered the space as strangers and exited as brothers and sisters (there's just something about straight men walking around in clusters meowing that breaks down boundaries). I walked home, realizing that i'd finally fallen in love with this city, so young and open and enthusiastic.

Thanks for inspiring me. Keep up the good work. /johan